Corian® projects

The greatest quality of Corian® surface material is its versatility. For this reason it is chosen by so many architects and designers globally. From subtle details, to massive facades- each surface it is used on is a testament to its highest quality. Its durability is a solid foundation of every investment, its formability is a canvas for healthy ambitions. Discover the potential of Corian® with us.

CORIAN® for individuals

Explore the possibilities of Corian® for homes. Discover the potential, which brings beauty and functionality to your interiors – in modern kitchens, elegant bathrooms and timeless gardens.

CORIAN® for professionals

Discover our projects to see how Corian® allows architects to complete their visions and meets the needs of public space design- anywhere from restaurants, office buildings, medical facilities to building facades.


We are an authorised distributor of German SCHOCK® granite sinks. As we value high quality, we offer the highest class of products that are an excellent match for Corian® surfaces.We also provide a wide range of kitchen taps and other accessories.


Visit the SCHOCK® website.

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