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Discover beauty


Individual and commercial projects are being redefined continuously in terms of requirements, esthetics and durability. Corian®- the global leader of the Solid Surface market, is a premium quality response to the growing needs of the architecture industry.

A combination of 70% natural minerals and acrylic resin, our material guarantees practical and hygienic solutions for residential and commercial applications, such as hospitality, food service or healthcare interiors. The high durability of Corian®  makes it a perfect solution for high traffic surfaces or those exposed to the elements. It can cover floors or building facades, but will work equally well for kitchen or bathroom interior design.

Global quality network


The quality of Corian® is guaranteed by its patented manufacturing process developed by the American chemical company DuPont™, which has been an active part of the global innovation market for 200 years. As an authorised Corian® distributor for Poland, we belong to a global network of professional DuPont™ partners. They work to help consumers, architects, designers and whole industries to convert the quality and unique features of DuPont™’s extraordinary material- Corian® into the maximum added value to customers.


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Explore Corian® DuPont™ offer of kitchen and bathroom products. Check out the variety of sinks, wash basins, shower bases, bathtubs and mounting accessories.

We are an authorised distributor of German SCHOCK® granite sinks. As we value high quality, we offer the highest class of products that are an excellent match for Corian® surfaces.We also provide a wide range of kitchen taps and other accessories.


Visit the SCHOCK® website.

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