We have been a part of the Corian® product market for over 25 years dealing with distribution, design and carrying out projects.


Think globally, act locally has been the vision behind CCI activities for over 25 years. Out of passion for architecture and design, we created a company which continuously develops in the global Corian® Design mindset. We sell and fabricate the material, which- timeless and formable as it is, brings us new, ambitious challenges every day.

We are in constant touch with our clients, we carefully listen to them and analyse their needs. Thanks to our parallel cooperation with businesses and individual clients, we can easily navigate between practical, custom-made solutions and the newest trends.

The team

Our team excels thanks to a combination of extensive professional experience and a fresh perspective of the young generation. We value openness and a family atmosphere, so we can really enjoy working hard together as well as meeting up for coffee. The wide range of our activities means that sales representatives, designers, administrators and production workers can meet in one place. Thanks to this unique mixture we feel complete.


We are an authorised distributor of German SCHOCK® granite sinks. As we value high quality, we offer the highest class of products that are an excellent match for Corian® surfaces.We also provide a wide range of kitchen taps and other accessories.


Visit the SCHOCK® website.

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