Discover the design potential of Corian® in public spaces.

CORIAN® for professionals

The versatility of Corian® applications is best visible in the commercial area. All over the world, designers and architects choose the potential that our material provides to create ambitious and complex projects. Thanks to its high resistance to damage and DIN EN ISO 846 certification, Corian® is successfully used in public spaces with the highest hygienic standards- medical facilities and laboratories. The option to join the sheets of material seamlessly on vast surfaces is used for creating timeless facades, building elevations and outdoor wall cladding. The foyer of the National Music Forum in Wrocław and the black facade of the “Afrykarium” building in Wrocław ZOO are examples of similar projects carried out by CCI.


We are an authorised distributor of German SCHOCK® granite sinks. As we value high quality, we offer the highest class of products that are an excellent match for Corian® surfaces.We also provide a wide range of kitchen taps and other accessories.


Visit the SCHOCK® website.

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