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Corian® Quality Network

DuPont™- an American chemical company, created a global network of authorised partners to guarantee the highest standards of service and production for ready-to-install Corian® products. The network members have been trained by DuPont™ specialists and technicians, whose task is to verify how well prepared each company is, grant the DuPont™ quality certificate and constantly monitor the services offered by the partners. DuPont™ offers two levels of Corian® warranties: the product level and the mounting level.

CCI partnerships

For us, being a part of Corian® Quality Network means full technical support from DuPont™ and know-how exchange on a global level, which allows us to continuously develop our skills in expanding the design potential of Corian®. On the European level, we have broadened the scope of our quality network beyond Corian® itself. As a distributor, we started cooperation with SCHOCK- a German granite sink producer. They create sinks from quartz composite material and offer the highest CRISTADUR® quality in this technology.


We are an authorised distributor of German SCHOCK® granite sinks. As we value high quality, we offer the highest class of products that are an excellent match for Corian® surfaces.We also provide a wide range of kitchen taps and other accessories.


Visit the SCHOCK® website.

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