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Corian® is an innovative, high-tech surface material created by the American chemical company DuPont in the 1960s. Thanks to its durability and versatility it has been a global leader in the Solid Surface industry since then. As a raw material, Corian® is distributed in sheets which can be seamlessly joined, creating large monolithic surfaces as well as small unique structures. The material is a composite of 70% natural minerals and acrylic resin (PMMA). It is DIN EN ISO 846 certified, which means that it can be safely used in medical facilities or laboratories.


The durability, multifunctionality and seamlessness of Corian® make it an outstanding material on the market. It is renewable and can be fixed by replacing the damaged part only. Both durable and recyclable, it is a truly environmentally friendly material. Corian® sheets are non-toxic and do not cause allergies.They meet the emissions standards for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and air pollutants.

Thanks to its nonporous and seamless nature, the material is very hygienic. As it does not absorb liquids, it directly reduces dirt build-up and microbe growth. That is why Corian® is so often chosen for bathroom and kitchen designs. Its high fire resistance makes it the market leader for countertops. Corian® combines elegance and functionality and is easily adjusted to your individual needs.








Colour palette

The range of 98 Corian® colours allows for work with various design palettes. You can choose one colour as a neutral base for your design or experiment freely with different colours within one surface. Corian® sheets can also be used as decorative elements and trims or complement other materials like metal, wood or stone.


The design potential of Corian® is virtually endless. The only limit to its final shape is your own imagination. Its versatility and durability make it perfect for home interiors- we can create counter tops, kitchen islands, wall cladding, bathtubs or wash basins. It is also widely used in commercial projects, such as reception desks, conference tables or professional work tops in the food industry. Corian® also covers building facades creating monolithic or creative surfaces.One of the special applications of our material is using it for medical facilities. Corian® is used in laboratories and operating theatres, as well as for making medical furniture which clearly proves its exceptional quality.

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