About us

The company CCI Sp. z o.o. has operated since 1992. We are a modern, stable and constantly growing company. From the very beginning of its existence, for implementation of its services, the Company uses Solid Surface material CORIAN® of company DuPont™ as the leader in the global market.

Our experience and fresh insight in the approach to implementation, make us able to meet the expectations of both individual and institutional clients. For the former, we create unique and functional kitchen and bathroom interiors and exclusive interior fittings. For institutional clients we implement architectural concepts that usually require innovative solutions on our part. Professionalism is, for us, the perfect development of optimal solutions for every implemented project.

Since 1996, as The General Distributor, we have been also engaged in sales of German composite sinks SCHOCK® made of materials Granit CRISTALITE® and Granit CRISTADUR®.

In the same year, within the structure of the company CCI, the Office of Design and Expertise launched its activity, which was established by prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy Jasieńko, offering designing services in the scope of conservation, rebuilding and modernization of historical monuments and dump insulation of historical objects.

Our offer includes, among other things:

  • sales of CORIAN® material,
  • manufacture and sales of furniture and other interior fittings made with the use of CORIAN® material,
  • manufacture and sales of kitchen and bathroom countertops made of CORIAN® material,
  • manufacture and sales of furniture and other fitting elements made of CORIAN® material for the medical industry,
  • manufacturing and sales of external and internal cladding made of CORIAN® material,
  • implementation of projects on individual order,

Within the framework of The Office of Design and Expertise, our offer includes:

  • Performing a full designing process, including expertise, inventory, conservation projects of modernization, renovations and adaptations related to the necessity of repairs and reinforcement of all historical structures,
  • architecture designs,
  • construction designs,
  • cost estimates,
  • technical specifications,
  • authorship supervision.


Currently we haven’t been looking for new employees.


CCI Sp. z o. o.

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